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Sales is getting harder.

Markets are getting crowded.

Inboxes are full of noise.

Sales professionals are failing more than ever. Something must change.

The Enterprise Sales Institute is democratizing sales knowledge, skills, and resources to sales professionals around the world. We’re bringing research, testing, and results to your door every week, 3x per week. 

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Train 3x every week with world-class sales leaders in a live, virtual environment. View all past recordings and resources from prior events instantly.

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Access the minds of ESI trainers through on-demand Q&A right from your personal dashboard. Ask private, one-off questions that might not be a fit for a group setting.

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Our team is working hard at building out the ESI Learning Center, Knowledgebase, and related modules. Access exclusive content, resources, and tools.

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Meet the Sales COE Trainers​

Emily Meyer - Outbound Expert

Emily Meyer has spent years as a top-selling individual contributor, manager, and leader in the high-tech industry for more than 15 years. Having built the outbound sales function at Wrike before it sold to Citrix for $2.2B, she has proven her expertise in B2B demand generation time and time again. Her experience as a top-performing sales rep also lends to the success of the teams she trains, as she speaks from experience, not theory.

With the belief that 70% of sales is learned and 30% is an innate ability, Emily brings to the table a genuine curiosity and desire to bring out the best in each sales professional under her guidance. Join Emily every Tuesday at 12pm EST to learn how you can start, scale, and optimize your sales demand generation efforts in competitive and noisy industries like technology, professional, and financial services.

Max Warren - Serial Entrepreneur

Max Warren began his career as a technical sales leader in the D.C. metro area.  He has led sales teams for a number of telecommunications companies and Managed Services Providers across the United States. His ability to scale revenue and understand the complexities of business comes from the three businesses he has been Co-Founder of.

Over the course of twenty-three years, Max has honed his expertise in optimizing sales processes, technologies, and enablement systems. As a seasoned entrepreneur and sales leader, he is passionate about helping sales teams navigate challenges, develop playbooks, and ultimately grow their companies. Join Max every Wednesday at 3pm EST to learn how to make your team an efficient, lean machine with the right sales operations in place.

Stephen M. Lowisz - Fortune 500 Consultant

Stephen M. Lowisz closed his first $1.1M in annual revenue at 19 and 20 of the Fortune 500 by the time he was 21. Having consulted companies like ESPN, Inuit, and New York Life Insurance on the buildout of their teams, he has learned what it takes for a small team to sell into enterprise giants.  Stephen now democratizes the proprietary frameworks and methodologies he built across dozens of startups around the globe.

Now, as the Managing Partner of the Enterprise Sales Institute, he is on a mission to change the fact that average closing rates are at an abysmal 20%. With 80% of a rep’s time wasted, it’s no wonder 55% of teams are missing their quota each year. Join Stephen every Thursday at 11am EST to learn the sales frameworks and negotiation methods that top producers use.

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A Center of Excellence is a shared group of people, resources, and efforts to promote innovation and development in a specific area. At the Sales COE, we are a group from all different backgrounds that converge to bring best practices, frameworks, and resources to your team at the shared cost of all members.

There isn’t a company that doesn’t have their own sales training across their product, process, etc. However, few have the ability to learn from other teams, consultants, etc. We bring innovation and research to you so you can optimize your sales process as trends and buyer behavior changes daily.

While any company looking to grow their sales could be a part of the Sales COE, we are primarily focused on three verticals: technology, professional services, and financial services. 

A sales consultant is an expensive way to have work and optimization done for you. There’s a time and a place for that. However, the Sales COE believes in a DIY (do-it-yourself) model so you can pick and choose what makes sense for your business without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

We love sales professionals that want to grow in their career. That’s why we came up with the Professional Membership plan. It’s affordable and brings the frameworks and systems you need to scale your personal revenue.

Let’s jump on the phone and show you what we can do.

The Sales Center of Excellence

Your B2B Sales Ecosystem

The Sales Center of Excellence is meant to be an on-demand ecosystem with everything you need in B2B sales. Statistics show sales professionals are failing more every year. It’s time we give sales professionals, teams, and leaders what they need to succeed.

The Sales Center of Excellence has experts, resources, tools,