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Understanding the Psychology of Your Customer to Create the Most Effective Pitch

Event Date

September 21, 2021

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12:00 PM

Are you formulating your pitch around the most compelling customer need to convince them into taking a meeting with you?  Most SDRs and Account Executives are not.  Many reps know the ins and outs of their product’s technical capabilities but the reason a prospect buys, or better yet, takes a meeting has nothing to do with the bells and whistles of your product.

Any compelling elevator pitch must tap into a prospect’s personal benefit and do it quickly before they get bored.  In this session, we will break down the different types of customer needs with examples and explanations of the psychology.  From there we will look at how we organize and format those needs to create the most compelling and clear pitch.  We often get only a couple of seconds to make our case…let’s not waste it!



Trainer Information

Emily Meyer

Emily Meyer has spent years as a top-selling individual contributor, manager, and leader in the high-tech industry for more than 15 years. Having built the outbound sales function at Wrike before it sold to Citrix for $2.2B, she has proven her expertise in B2B demand generation time and time again. Her experience as a top-performing sales rep also lends to the success of the teams she trains, as she speaks from experience, not theory.

With the belief that 70% of sales is learned and 30% is an innate ability, Emily brings to the table a genuine curiosity and desire to bring out the best in each sales professional under her guidance. Join Emily every Tuesday at 12pm EST to learn how you can start, scale, and optimize your sales demand generation efforts in competitive and noisy industries like technology, professional, and financial services.

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