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Is Your Sales System Multiplying Your Workforce or Bogging Them Down with Process

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September 29, 2021

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03:00 PM

No one hates data entry and process more than sales professionals. That’s why large enterprise organizations have full teams to do nothing more than create CRM rules and validations just to ensure everything gets put into place. The reality is most sales processes focus on the wrong data and end up bogging the sales professionals down from actually… selling. We’ll dive into the foundational systems you need to track your team and use technology to multiply your output. We’ll discuss how you can customize your CRM to maximize results, as no system is perfect for any company out of the box. From there, we’ll dive into how you can scale your outreach through LinkedIn and email automation in a tasteful, personalized way. The world has enough spam in it. We’ll break through the noise and blend personalization with automation.

Trainer Information

Max Warren

Max Warren began his career as a technical sales leader in the D.C. metro area.  He has led sales teams for a number of telecommunications companies and Managed Services Providers across the United States. His ability to scale revenue and understand the complexities of business comes from the three businesses he has been Co-Founder of.

Over the course of twenty-three years, Max has honed his expertise in optimizing sales processes, technologies, and enablement systems. As a seasoned entrepreneur and sales leader, he is passionate about helping sales teams navigate challenges, develop playbooks, and ultimately grow their companies. Join Max every Wednesday at 3pm EST to learn how to make your team an efficient, lean machine with the right sales operations in place.

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