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Prospecting Math: How to Identify and Improve Holes in Your Prospecting Process

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October 19, 2021

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12:00 PM EST
12:00 PM

Metrics aren’t created equal. While a low open rate might mean your subject lines just aren’t hitting home with prospects, it also might mean your deliverability is low without realizing it. Maybe you and your team can take a prospect all the way to the proposal stage of a deal, yet you lose 4 of 5 opportunities. Most would blame the proposal, and maybe that’s the case, but it could also be that you didn’t take the right steps 3 calls ago to truly emotionally sell the prospect.

While everyone talks about metrics and has nice dashboards, it’s imperative that the data is used correctly and you know how to asses the real, root cause of a problem. Sam Bakke will be talking about diving into the insights behind numbers, not simply focusing on top-level sales funnel metrics. This session is perfect for sales professionals and leaders alike that want to improve their conversion rates; working smarter, not just harder.

Trainer Information

Sam Bakke

No one is better at cold prospecting than Sam Bakke. He has sold everything from advanced training systems and professional services to technology products and staff augmentation. Sam has been able to build, train, and manage high-performing sales teams across a variety of industries, all with a focus on outbound sales. Cold calling, emailing, and social outreach are his specialties.

Now, Sam Bakke is both the Chief Growth Officer at Belo Labs and a trainer at the Enterprise Sales Institute. As a tactician in enterprise growth strategies, he speaks and trains from a place of experience, not simply theory. If you want to understand innovative ways to peak prospect curiosity and build a pipeline, join Sam every Tuesday at 12pm EST in the Sales Center of Excellence.

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