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Conduct a Needs Analysis without Boring to Tears

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October 28, 2021

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11:00 AM EST
11:00 AM

Whether you’re selling into Fortune 500 companies or a small business, the goal is to be consultative. That is what sets apart a sales rep from a sales professional. However, consulting is too vague and subjective. It typically turns into a sales executive talking at their prospect or asking superficial questions that are leading to obvious, obnoxious answers. This isn’t consulting. In this session, we’ll analyze the way most reps are conducting their needs analysis, no matter the industry, compared to a properly executed Gap Map in practice. We’ll invite participants in this training to interact and try their Needs Analysis on Stephen Lowisz live, receiving feedback on their initial approach in real-time. With a mix of comedy, we’ll focus on how you can up your sales game while gathering the details you need to present an effective pitch and hold powerful negotiations.

Trainer Information

Stephen M. Lowisz

Stephen M. Lowisz closed his first $1.1M in annual revenue at 19 and 20 of the Fortune 500 by the time he was 21. Having consulted companies like ESPN, Inuit, and New York Life Insurance on the buildout of their teams, he has learned what it takes for a small team to sell into enterprise giants.  Stephen now democratizes the proprietary frameworks and methodologies he built across dozens of startups around the globe.

Now, as the Managing Partner of the Enterprise Sales Institute, he is on a mission to change the fact that average closing rates are at an abysmal 20%. With 80% of a rep’s time wasted, it’s no wonder 55% of teams are missing their quota each year. Join Stephen every Thursday at 11am EST to learn the sales frameworks and negotiation methods that top producers use.

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