Enterprise Sales Institute

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The Enterprise Sales Institute (ESI) is a uniquely different sales academy because it focuses on the mindset for sales success, in addition to practical skills and tools.

The Institute offers professional development programs for sales leaders who want to improve their ability to use human-centered skills to connect with customers, and achieve results for their company. You’ll develop the confidence to perform and the self-awareness to continue honing your mastery of the skills.

Selling involves complex human interactions. Our seminars and courses offer a challenging, yet supportive environment to tackle the psychological, intellectual and relational challenges that are critical for sales performance.

Based on leadership coaching techniques and sales best practices, the sessions are led by experts in various fields, not just sales. The interactive sessions are practical and present stretch goals that will help you apply the concepts to your daily sales activities.  Workshops are designed to leverage the diversity of peer experiences and knowledge in each cohort. The instructor-coaches help participants learn how to internalize new mindsets and behaviors, and integrate them into a high-performing skillset.

The Institute helps sales leaders learn and practice the interactions and techniques that can make them a trusted partner with customers and a successful account representative for their company.

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Founders of Enterprise Sales Institute

Donna Valente is co-Founder of ESI, a uniquely different sales academy that focuses on the mindset for sales success, in addition to practical skills and tools.

Donna has a business degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Coach.  She is a sales strategist and fearless certified Co-Active coach with a focus on enterprise sales, leadership and management communication, mindset and motivation, managing deal cycles, negotiation, lead sales teams, dealing with conflict, and more.

Donna brings decades of sales, management and recruiting experience working for start- ups and high growth organizations, especially in the educational technology and e-learning markets. She has a reputation for being sales professional who has generated substantial revenue growth for start-up companies.

As a leader, sales pro, strategist, and fearless coach, Donna brings her experience, energy and passion as a “Player Coach” to all her clients.


Jen Reiner is co-founder of ESI. She is also president of Align, a business strategy and innovation company. Jen was a former director of PA Governor’s Office of Innovation. Prior to launching align, Jen spent over 11 years helping establish Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU), a start-up, non-profit university. As one of the first 8 employees, Jen helped build HU, starting 16 months before it opened. She had the daunting task of recruiting students to a college that was merely a concept at the time. Today, HU is recognized as an educational innovator and serves around 3500 students per semester.